Validation and Verification


Quality Policy

VEKIN is committed to delivering the highest quality greenhouse gas (GHG) verification and validation services across all organizations, driven by unwavering professionalism, impartiality, and digitalization.

To achieve this, we are dedicated to upholding the following fundamental principles:

Impartiality and Independence

We ensure complete objectivity and freedom from any commercial, financial, or organizational influences that could compromise our assessments.

Competence and Expertise

Our team comprises highly qualified and experienced personnel with profound knowledge of ISO 14064-1 and 14064-2, guaranteeing the accuracy and integrity of our services.


We maintain the strictest confidentiality regarding our clients' sensitive data and information, adhering to all relevant legal and ethical requirements.

Openness and Transparency

We maintain open communication throughout the verification and validation process, clearly explaining findings, limitations, and recommendations to our clients.


We fulfill our responsibilities with meticulous attention to detail, adhering to the highest professional standards and ethical conduct.

Responsiveness to Complaints

We take all complaints seriously and address them promptly and effectively, encapsulating feedback into our continuous improvement journey.

Risk-Based Approach

We tailor our verification and validation procedures to the specific risks and complexities associated with each client's organization and GHG data.


We apply a cautious and critical approach, prioritizing environmental protection when uncertainties arise. This means erring on the side of overestimating emissions or underestimating reductions in cases of ambiguity.

Professional Skepticism

We maintain a questioning mindset throughout the process, critically evaluating all data and claims to ensure their accuracy and completeness.

Continuous Improvement

We embrace a culture of continuous learning and improvement, actively seeking feedback, implementing innovative technologies, and optimizing our processes to consistently deliver exceptional service.

These principles guide our commitment to empowering our clients to:

  1. Demonstrate commitment to environmental responsibility and reduce GHG footprint.
  2. Make informed decisions based on accurate and reliable data.
  3. Gain stakeholder trust and confidence through transparent and credible reporting.
  4. Contribute to a more sustainable future by promoting best practices in GHG management.

By leveraging cutting-edge digital tools and platforms, we enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility of our services, providing clients with a seamless and secure experience.

VEKIN takes immense pride in fostering a culture of professionalism, impartiality, and digitalization, constantly evolving to provide the most comprehensive and reliable GHG verification and validation services available.

Impartiality Committee

  • Appointment of the Impartiality Committee for GHGs Validation/Verification Service Activities